Wedding Favors from F. Oliver’s

A wedding favor from F. Oliver’s celebrates your day and our beautiful region. From an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil to a Finger Lakes spice blend to  delicate flake salt brined from underneath our own Seneca Lake, a favor from F. Oliver’s sends your guests home with a delightful reminder of the day.

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F. Oliver's EVOO and Balsamic Wedding Favors

Oil and Vinegar

Our most popular favor, an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil or a Finger Lakes seed oil paired with an aged balsamic is a gift every guest will take home. Our gift consultants will work with you to choose the products that reflect your personality in a package that complements your theme and colors.

F. Oliver's Greektown Seasoning Wedding Favors

Oil, Vinegar, and Spice Blend

With exceptional ingredients from F. Oliver’s, it is so easy to make a fresh vinaigrette, an amazing dipping sauce or put a perfect finish on a dish. With the combination of three exceptional ingredients, your guests will love all the great flavor your wedding brings into their life.

F. Oliver's EVOO and Spice Blend Wedding Favors

Love is the Spice of Life

Represent your love for the area and show your love for each other as by providing a taste of the Finger Lakes to your guests. These ultra-fresh spice blends make great dipping sauces when added to olive oil, make fabulous rubs for barbeque, and are great on roasted vegetables or in a simple vinagrette.

Choose from Canandaigua Centennial Rub, Seneca Seasoning, Adirondack Maple, Phoenix Street Seasoning, Empire Butcher’s Rub, Flower City Blend or any of F. Oliver’s other freshly ground spice blends.

F. Oliver's Spice Blend and Salt Wedding Favors

Finger Lakes Fabulous Flake Salt

For thousands of years, in every culture, salt represents health, purity, and friendship. Gifts of salt were highly prized and given only to those you held in great esteem. In many cultures, salt is used in rituals that bind two people together for eternity. The gift of salt to your guests represents your bond with your partner and shows love and respect for your guests.

Our flake salt is brined from underneath the magnificent Seneca Lake, providing your guests a gift that celebrates you and and your region.

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