In a previous life, I worked in corporate America and often found myself in a position where I purchased gifts – for clients, for my team – usually around a product launch or a holiday. I enjoyed the task but it was time-consuming. In my experience, there aren’t a lot of quality goods in the marketplace that appeal to a broad spectrum of people.

Here at F. Oliver’s, we work with a lot of organizations to find the right gift for their employees and clients. Having been on the other side of the equation, I love what we can provide. And this holiday season is particularly exciting as we have a range of gift boxes, sampler packs, local specialty foods, and some very exciting new products.

What I like best, though, is how stress-free we make the process. Companies can contact us with basic information about their business, the recipients, and some idea of their budget and we’ll return with great ideas that people love. We can add a movie to our Popcorn Lover’s Kit so employees can enjoy movie night at home; our Finger Lakes Favorites celebrates local flavors; a spice mill and a gift pack of fresh, whole spices bring the aroma of far-flung marketplaces to the kitchen. Had I an F. Oliver’s in my gift giving days, my task would have been so much easier.

Do you need help choosing the right business gift this holiday season? Just call one of our gift consultants at any of our four locations and we’ll make it a holiday to remember.