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Jessie Marianacci Valone of jmv ceramics is a Finger Lakes-based artist and ceramicist. With a focus on utilitarian pottery, she creates beautiful, functional forms that you can use every day. This grater dish is perfect for creating and entertaining. For an amazing dipping sauce, grate fresh garlic (or just about anything else) and add an EVOO. Food and dishwasher safe, this piece is a one of a kind treasure you can enjoy for years. 

NOTE – as each piece is unique yours will differ slightly from the one in the picture. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (375 ml)

Our incomparably fresh, ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) are sourced from a variety of producers from around the world. The olives are crushed within hours of harvest in a process that has changed little in thousands of years. Our fused and infused EVOOs contain only natural flavors added to the EVOO during the crush or right after.