Mustard Sampler Pack

Our Mustard Sampler Pack includes three of our locally made, artisan mustards. These are wonderful products created with our exceptional ingredients. Use them as a condiment, in a vinaigrette, in marinades, and in sauces. Or just dip your pretzels in them – they’re addictive!

F. Oliver’s ultra-premium mustards are made in partnership with Mustard Seed ‘N’ More, a Farmington, NY company founded by Maggie Brewer. When Maggie decided to retire and sell the company, it was purchased by then F. Oliver’s Canandaigua store manager Emma Coggi and her husband Patrick. Emma had worked closely with Maggie developing the mustards she made for F. Oliver’s and she and Patrick fell in love with the business.

Emma and Patrick use only the highest quality ingredients in the preparation of the mustards. The peppers and garlic are homegrown and hand-harvested from their garden. There are no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers used in growing the crops.

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