F. Oliver’s now has 36 fustis full of incredibly fresh oils and balsamic vinegars!

If you missed my previous post, a fusti is a stainless steel container specifically designed to store and pour oils and vinegars. Most of ours are 15 liter, but some are 5 liter; all came from Italy. The taps come separately and if they didn’t say “made in Italy” on them I would have thought that they were engineered and fabricated in Germany. It seems that we are all used to seeing flimsy, poorly made goods in stores; what a pleasure to have a store full of such beautiful, well-engineered, and well-made containers and taps.

Filled Fustis (with temporary labels)But the best part is what fills the fustis! For each product I noted the date that it was filled by the supplier; most were dated March and some dated late February. Of course I had to try a lot of them. This is probably the freshest product I have ever tasted; one can definitely taste the difference that fresh makes.

F. Oliver’s broad product line includes something for everyone. For a quick weeknight meal, a little Sage with Wild Harvest Mushroom EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) drizzled over ravioli or an omelette is delicious. The fresh delicate flavor of California Arbequina EVOO, which was just pressed early winter, would be beautiful in a light vinaigrette or with some delicate spring vegetables or herbs and seafood. The balsamics mix beautifully or are great on their own. I keep envisioning dipping a nice sharp cheese into the Felix Oliver’s Special Reserve Balsamic or the Royal Pomegranate Balsamic along with some fruit; yum.

Now that everything is filled we’ve been trying combinations. The Arromatic Oregano Light Balsamic mixed with the Fresh Bright Basil EVOO was a crisp herbal blend with buttery undertones – a very quick, delicious multi-use dressing. On the fruity side, the Farmstand Strawberry Balsamic with the Fresh Pressed Meyer Lemon EVOO was a knockout; would be great on greens or fruit salad, or with chicken or pork for that matter.

I can’t wait to welcome you here at F. Oliver’s to taste our wares. I know that you will find your own favorite products and combinations. Truly, there is something for everyone and for every situation, from pulling together a quick appetizer or entree to preparing a multi course slow-cooked meal. Welcome and Bon Appetit!