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It’s easy to think of what we’re losing by having our work, play, and commerce closed but if history is a guide, some amazing works of art came out of pandemics. When the plague hit London in 1607, Shakespeare wrote King Lear, Antony and Cleopatra, and Macbeth after years of not writing. During the plague years in the 1300s Florence become the hub of artistic and intellectual creativity.

You probably won’t create the next great work of art but you can use your time creatively. Picture this time as a recess, your life before had one structure, your life after will have another but right now, you have this. Here we supply links to places that can pique your intellectual or creative energy. Maybe you want to learn more about the history of cookbooks or study a new language or explore the world from your computer. Whateveryou choose, enjoy it, you won’t have this time again.


Learn a new language! Duolingo is a free, online language school. Each lesson takes just a few minutes and combines listening, writing, multiple choice, and more. When you get something wrong, there’s no shame, they just offer different ways to learn the same idea. It’s easy, fun, and you feel immediately a little bi-lingual.

Rochester’s Writers and Books have moved many of their classes online and have created new classes that help you use literature and writing as a way of experiencing the current crisis. It’s a great way to exercise your chops and maybe your demons or angels.

The Rochester Brainery has done an amazing job of translating their classes to an online format. They provide such an amazing range of ideas and skills and they all fit into a couple hours and only a cost a few dollars. Take a chance, for a few bucks and a few minutes you never know what you might learn.