F. Oliver’s Charitable Giving/Donation Requests

Giving back to our communities has always been an important part of F. Oliver’s mission. Since we opened our first store in 2010, we have supported numerous causes through donations, totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars.  In 2018 we’re changing our approach to giving. In order to better manage the hundreds of requests for donations we receive every year and to have the greatest impact possible on the organizations we support, we’ve chosen 15 charitable organizations on which to focus throughout the year.

These organizations represent causes that are important to all of us at F. Oliver’s – healthy food and programs for those in need, local health care, support and protection of animals, and support for our local libraries. Our hope is that by partnering with these organizations we can help them reach their goals and raise awareness in the F. Oliver’s community.

While we would like to support all in need, we believe that this change allows us to focus and to better serve the communities we live in. However, it does mean that we will not be able to entertain requests from other worthy organizations. We look forward to sharing more information about the organizations we support!