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Extra Virgin Olive Oils Tuscan Garden Felix Oliver's Special Reserve Balsamic Vinegar, Ripe Fig, Royal Pomegranate, Honey Ginger, Lemon Bouquet Tunisian Harissa Sunny Pineapple, Mango Breeze, Zesty Grapefruit, Sweet Rich Cherry Smoky Chipotle Dark Chocolate, Farmstand [...]

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Olive Oil and Health – Freshness is Key

Olives in Chile ready to harvest Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, called it “the great healer,” believing olive oil could fight disease and heal trauma. Thousands of years later we’re still reaping the [...]

Olive Oil and Health – Freshness is Key2019-09-16T13:46:48-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of extra virgin olive oil? What is the shelf life of balsamic vinegar? How should I store the products? How should I taste extra virgin olive oil? Where are your products [...]

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Substitutions for Margarine

Margarine is a kind of vegetable shortening that has been whipped with water or skim milk (and other flavors, colorants, and emulsifiers) to make it more appealing and easier to spread. There is a great deal of [...]

Substitutions for Margarine2019-09-16T13:44:36-04:00

Substitutions for Vegetable Shortening

Vegetable shortening is a product made by injecting hydrogen into vegetable oil to make it solid at room temperature and to give it culinary qualities that are similar to solid animal fats. This produces a partially-hydrogenated oil, [...]

Substitutions for Vegetable Shortening2019-09-15T16:22:15-04:00

Substitutions for Vegetable Oil

Canola, peanut, corn, safflower, soybean oil, and other blends are the most common vegetable oils available in grocery stores. Their neutral flavor, high smoke point, and light body make them the ghost of the culinary fats–you [...]

Substitutions for Vegetable Oil2019-09-15T16:22:44-04:00

Substitutions for Butter

Butter is one of the most commonly used culinary fats. Many people love the taste of butter and high-quality butter can be a good source of fat-soluble vitamins. However, butter is also high in saturated fat and [...]

Substitutions for Butter2020-01-10T15:23:14-05:00

How to Finish a Dish

Finishes with oil, vinegar, salts, or spices - or a combination - complete the flavor and texture of already cooked food just before it is served. Since cooking mutes the flavor of the ingredients, adding a [...]

How to Finish a Dish2019-09-15T16:49:29-04:00

How to Make a Marinade

Marinades are seasoned liquid, usually of vinegar or wine with oil, herbs, spices, etc. in which you soak meat, poultry, fish, seafood, soy protein, or vegetables to enrich their flavors or to tenderize them before cooking. [...]

How to Make a Marinade2019-09-15T16:50:11-04:00

How to Make a Vinaigrette

The most basic dressing is vinaigrette, which is a combination of oil, vinegar, and seasoning. Its main goal is to enhance the flavor of whatever it “dresses,” in many cases, fresh fruits and vegetables. A vinaigrette’s [...]

How to Make a Vinaigrette2019-09-15T16:50:11-04:00

Olive Oil 101

Over the past five to ten years many of us have started using extra virgin olive oil for its health benefits and exquisite flavor. Yet many press reports indicate that we in the United States may [...]

Olive Oil 1012019-08-04T12:27:10-04:00
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