This last Friday, we introduced the newest balsamic to our line of premium cooking ingredients and boy, is it wonderful.

As we were preparing for its arrival, I’d read a lot about its flavor profile, how it’s made, and what it compares to. But nothing prepared me for the first taste. It’s very dense, like a good reduction or warm honey. And sweet, not cloying or sugary but a sweetness that comes from age, from years of hanging out in wooden casks. Like the sweetness of a good Port or a Sauterne. As it reaches the different parts of my mouth, I tasted a hint of black cherry, a whiff of dark chocolate, a suggestion of fig. Another taste played slightly differently – raisins and maybe a little malt. Each time I added a drop to my tongue, it opened up a new experience.

I haven’t entertained with it yet but I’m looking forward to the holidays when I can wow my guests by simply drizzling a little Denissimo over cheese or grilled meat or a fancy dessert. Its presence raises a simple dish from every day to delightful. Though I won’t tell anyone how easy it was, that will be our secret.

Stop by one of our stores for a taste. But you better hurry, it has limited availability and it’s going fast.