Native to Sicily and relatively unknown, the Biancolilla has lingering pungency and very little bitterness. This creamy oil has vegetal notes of artichoke and savory of herbs. A complex example of this variety.

Crushed: November 2017
Profile: Medium
Region: Italy

Biophenols: 422.1
Oleic Acid: 72.8
DAGS: 94.0
Free Fatty Acids*: 0.20
Peroxide*: 6.2
PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitiness: 4.8
Bitterness: 3.0
Pungency: 4.8

*Indicators of freshness and quality.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 11 in


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