Donations & Contributions

Thank you for visiting our donations & contributions request page. At F. Oliver’s, we consider ourselves stewards of our community and good neighbors to our fellow merchants and residents. Bolstering, upholding, and bettering our communities is as important to us as sourcing high quality products and providing singular tasting experiences. Our dedication to the finger lakes area and its inhabitants is strong–many among our staff grew up here. Our vision is for a vibrant, healthy, supportive, and beautiful community, not just because it’s good for business, but because we genuinely care.

To help better our communities, we are pleased to provide assistance in the form of donations and contributions to many of our local charities and organizations. While we are touched to receive so many charitable requests, we simply cannot fulfill them all. Please know that, if we could, we would. Because we receive such a high volume of requests, we’d like to provide a few of our request guidelines. These are guidelines that we use to review each worthy donation that is requested of us:

  • Charitable request is food-related. We truly love and care about food. With that in mind, we strongly believe that everyone in our community should have access to good, healthy, and nutritious food. Charities and events that provide hunger-relief, nutritional education, and encourage similar positive change are closely aligned with our beliefs.
  • Charitable request benefits causes dear to our staff. One of our biggest assets is our friendly, knowledgeable, and diverse staff. Each staff member possesses different strengths and backgrounds–we’re artists, musicians, culinary professionals, winemakers, students, and more. Each of us believes in and supports wonderful causes and organizations. Those that are important and especially meaningful to our staff are important to F. Oliver’s.
  • Charitable request enacts positive change in our region. We love the Finger Lakes and are committed to supporting charities, organizations, and groups that benefit our local community.
  • Positive effects of the donation cast a wide net. We are committed to fulfilling donation requests that benefit and help as much of our community as possible. For this reason, we must politely decline donation requests on behalf of individuals, individual families, or single person fundraisers. Please know that, as we say above, we wish we could give to everyone. Every cause is meaningful and worthy, but we feel we can support the most change by working with organizations and groups.

We truly appreciate your understanding of the above guidelines. If your organization and request are harmonious with our guidelines, please use the form below to submit your request. We do ask that all requests be submitted through the Website. This allows us to better respond and review each and every request that comes to us.

Click here to complete our Donation Request form.