Our Products

At F. Oliver’s, we select our products for their exceptional quality and uniqueness. Whether it’s an Italian olive oil, a Peruvian olive oil, a red wine vinegar, or a dried pasta, you can be assured that each is utterly fresh, of top-shelf quality, and absolutely delicious.

Our Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oils: Essentially a fruit juice, olive oil is healthiest and most flavorful immediately after extraction. However, relative to other juices, olive oil is extremely shelf stable and maintains these benefits for up to 18 months.
To maximize the quality of our oils, we import from around the world, following production cycles seasonally. Every six months, our oils arrive from the Northern Hemisphere (California,, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Portugal, for example) or the Southern Hemisphere (Australia, Chile, Argentina, and Peru). This rotation ensures the freshest (and healthiest!) olive oil is available to you, no matter the season.
While “extra virgin” is often viewed as the highest grade of olive oil, our Single Varietal EVOOs are rated as “ultra premium.” This rating indicates that the oil exceeds the stringent quality requirements as set by the IOC, EU, and USDA. Ultra premium olive oil is even fresher and healthier than extra virgin olive oil. The freshness of these oils magnifies their unique characteristics; like wine or coffee, they reflect the region of origin and the conditions under which the olives were grown.
Our flavor infused oils are similarly special. The base for these oils is also rated “ultra premium” and the infusions are done using 100% natural ingredients. These lovely oils make it easy to quickly produce a delicious and healthy meal and will complement any dish or any cuisine.

Specialty Oils: In addition to our olive oils, we stock premium oils that are made from a variety of nuts and seeds. These oils are selected for their freshness, taste, and overall quality. One of these local oils, F. Oliver’s Finger Lakes Fabulous Squash Seed Oil, is produced right here in the Finger Lakes region.  These oils celebrate the bounty and culinary richness of our area and, along with the other specialty oils, extend the culinary possibilities for any cook.

Our Vinegars

Balsamic Vinegars: All of our balsamic vinegars, both aged and flavor-infused, are imported from Modena, Italy. While these vinegars differ widely in taste, color, richness, and flavor, they are all vinegars of the highest quality. Our series of dark balsamic vinegars are smooth, and rich, complimenting vegetables, red meats, cheeses, and soups or stews. The dark color is often familiar and sweet taste most welcome. Our series of light balsamic vinegars offers a more crisp flavor: perfect for salads, seafood, or cocktails!

Specialty Vinegars: Currently we offer a wonderfully acidic red wine vinegar made from Pinot Noir grapes and a crisp white vinegar from Champagne. A nice contrast to the sweet balsamic vinegars, these vinegars will awaken the senses and brighten all sorts of food and flavors.

Other Exceptional Ingredients

Pasta: Pasta stocked at F. Oliver’s in Rochester, Canandaigua, and Skaneateles comes directly from Flour City Pasta. Stationed in Macedon, NY, this family owned business produces handmade artisan pasta using high quality durum wheat and locally-sourced vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. We stock a variety of Flour City’s cuts and flavors–there is always something to pair with our oils, vinegars, and spices.
Pasta at our Ithaca Store is sourced from Wide Awake Bakery in Mecklenburg, NY. The owner of Wide Awake sources only locally grown and milled grains and provides the very freshest and highest quality bread and pasta to the region. F. Oliver’s is fortunate to be one of the few retailers carrying their pasta!

Seneca Lake Salts: These culinary flake salts are another product direct from our region. The salts are extracted from beneath Seneca Lake using a brining and evaporation method. These methods produce a wonderfully clean and pure tasting salt, delightful for cooking, baking, and finishing. In addition to the natural salt, we carry three infusions: Lemon, Rosemary, and Grapevine Smoked.